The student from Bucharest pulls her in a secluded place for 600 euros

The student from Bucharest pulls her in a secluded place for 600 euros

Our story is about two sisters who are identical twins. Our names are Lucy and Linda. We're eighteen years old. The only way you can tell us apart, is my sister Linda has a birthmark on her back. It's just a small little mark, but that is the only way you can tell which twin you're looking at.We've had so much fun messing with our friends. We've even shared boyfriends. We're very sexual and have been enjoying each other since we were seventeen. My parents have always had us in the same bedroom. We're very close. We love each other and have been intimate too.We're identical twins and are both good looking.  We're tall with brown hair.  We have blue eyes and high cheek bones.  Our breasts and asses are what men find most attractive.  We wear revealing clothes that show off our fantastic attributes.  Men are always beeping their horns at the two of us.  We giggle and know that we're "hot."My sister and I have fond memories of when we became intimate. Our parents had gone away on vacation and our brother who was twenty-three looked after us. He was out with friends, and my sister Linda had lit candles in our bedroom, and she sprayed a lavender scent in our room. She ran a bath in our parent's Jacuzzi tub. She filled it with our favorite vanilla scent bubble bath. She put our bath pillows up against each side of the tub. My sister was the more romantic twin. She made sure that everything was just perfect.We removed each other's clothes and shared a deep and passionate kiss.  We both had never kissed anybody, so it was so exciting to feel that passion with my sister. We both had very bushy pussies, but after this lovely bath, we were planning to shave each other.We both got into the bathtub, and we just sat there against the jets and enjoyed the lovely feeling of the water hitting our bodies. Linda sat on top of me and we French kissed. Our breasts were rubbing up against each other's. Linda got a sponge and washed my body. When she was done, I washed her body. We kissed a few more times and got out of the tub together.We wrapped towels over each other and went back to our room. Linda had put a towel over the bed and told me to lay down. She got a wash cloth, razor, and the shaving cream. She pumped some of the cream into her hand and applied it to my bushy pussy. My sister started to shave me very carefully. She removed all the hair. I sat there quietly and didn't move.Once she was done, we switched positions and I put the shaving cream on her pussy and carefully shaved all her hair off. I was so careful not to cut her. When we were done, we looked at each other's work in the mirror. We now each had beautiful bald pussies.We cuddled and kissed each other. We both were on the bed. We kissed deeply and passionately, and we caressed and rubbed each other's breasts. Our nipples were stiff and erect. I sucked on her nipples and she sucked on my nipples. We both put our heads on the pillows and we fingered each other's bald pussies. We both played and got each other very wet. It was time to finally taste each other.We got in the sixty-nine position and we both licked each other pussies. Our tongues explored each other's flimsy pussy lips. We licked each other's hidden pink clits. We both parted each other's pussy lips and began to tongue fuck each other. I've never felt something so amazing in my life. Linda's tongue was so deep in my pussy and my tongue was deep in her pussy. We were both so horny and aroused. We even licked each other's assholes. That felt nice too. We both had orgasms in each other's mouth. It was a lovely memory that we both shared.**My sister and I are basically sluts. We love to have sex. We have had many boyfriends and we share them all. Our boyfriends never could even figure out that they were fucking the other sister. We had so much fun with that. We must have been with ten boyfriends each, so we basically fucked twenty guys. We love to go on double dates and have sex together. We've been doing that for the past year. We're bad girls who love sex.  All our guy friends leave feeling very happy.  We aim to please.**Now you know a little about us. This story is about how my sister and I had sex with our brother and our father.  We had planned out what we would do and waited for the perfect opportunity.  It was important that my mother was out of the house for the evening.  We would have to approach our brother only if he was drunk.  Drunk men can never say no.  He would be putty in our hands.Our mother was visiting our grandmother and was out of town. Our father was at a business meeting. Our brother was out at a club. My sister and I planned on having sex with our brother when he came home. We hoped our father would walk in on all of us and we would then have a foursome with him. This was the plan that we would follow.Daniel is twenty-five years old and he’s so hot looking. Daniel is quite tall. He’s a runner, so he is very fit. Daniel has the most beautiful blue eyes you've ever seen. We have watched him several times get out of the shower. He has a big cock too. Linda and I just want to feel it in our wet bald cunts.Daniel is a party guy and loves to go out to the clubs. On this night, he was drunk and had come home. Linda and I were in our bedroom and we were having oral sex together. We were moaning and screaming out loud and Daniel walked in on us."You girls are sisters! You can't be having oral sex with each other. That's incest.""Oh Daniel, you know you want us. Why don't you let Linda and I make you feel good? If you don't tell, we won't tell.""That's just wrong. What if our parents were home and saw this? They would be so pissed.""Well they aren't here. So why don't you let Linda and I suck your cock.""I don't know, that's pretty weird. I never thought about my sister's sucking my dick before.""Daniel, we're women first. We can make you feel so good.  Afterwards, we can all all have sex together.”"I'm drunk, but if you two really want to suck my cock, go right ahead!”Daniel took off all his clothes, and he spread himself over the bed. Linda was on his right side and I was on his left side. We licked and kissed his shaft going in an upwards motion. We took turns swirling our tongues over his head. We shared a kiss together and I sucked his head for a little while and she sucked his head for a little while."Oh fuck! You girls are so naughty. Oh god it feels so good. Put my dick in your mouth Lucy."I put Daniel's cock into my mouth. I bobbed up and down over his thick prick. Linda massaged his balls and licked and kissed each one. While I slurped and gagged on his thick prick."Fuck, Lucy you're so bad. Take my cock deeper into your mouth! You're a whore girl."I shook my head and managed to get Daniel's hard, thick cock down my throat. Daniel was about eight inches long. He's very thick. I gagged on his thick dick. Linda was caressing and licking his balls."Lucy, let Linda suck my cock now. Linda it's your turn to suck my cock. Lucy, ride my face. I want to eat your pretty pussy. Hop on
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girl."Linda bobbed up and down over Daniel's thick cock. She rubbed and massaged his balls and slurped and gagged on his thick prick. She took him deeper and deeper each time in her mouth. She was making all those wet, sucking, popping noises while she gave Daniel a sloppy wet blow job.I squatted over Daniel's face and moved my pretty pussy along his mouth. Daniel was working his tongue over my folds and finger fucking my tight pussy."Oh Daniel, that feels so good. I'm so aroused. My pussy is so wet for you."Daniel was fingering me fast and would lick the cunt juices that were pouring from my cunt. I was moaning and screaming."Oh fuck, I'm coming. My pussy is coming Daniel."Daniel licked the cream and juices that were flowing out of my cunt. I was moaning and shaking, while I came over his face."Okay girls, I want to fuck each of you. Lucy, you will ride me, and I will lick Linda's cunt."Daniel was on his back and I straddled his cock. I moved my body up and down over Daniel's thick cock. Daniel had his hands on my hips, lifting me onto his cock. I was moaning and groaning, while I fucked Daniel.Linda squatted over Daniel's face and worked her bald cunt over his mouth. She moved her pussy all along Daniel's face. Our brother was licking my sister's pussy lips and working his tongue over her swollen clit. Linda was playing with my firm breasts, while I rode my brother's big hard cock. We were all moaning and groaning.Daniel's cock felt so good in my wet cunt. Linda's hands were playing with my firm breasts. Linda was moving her body all over Daniel's face. Daniel was licking and fingering her wet pussy. Linda was so horny and moaning and groaning."Daniel, I'm coming."Linda came in our brother's mouth. Daniel licked up all her juices."I want to fuck Linda. I want Lucy to lick my cock, when it comes out of your cunt. I will fuck Linda doggie style."Linda got on her hands and knees and presented her pussy to Daniel. Daniel slid his cock into my sister's wet pussy. I was under Linda and while, Daniel fucked her, I licked his cock and rubbed my sister's clit.Daniel pounded my sister's cunt. He was smacking her ass and I was licking both of their body parts. Every time he pulled out, I licked his cock and rubbed her pussy. Daniel was fucking my sister hard. We were moaning and groaning and screaming and then our door opened, and our father was standing at the door way."What the hell is going on? You all are related. You're having incest with each other. That is against the law!   What are you kids doing?"Daddy, we're eighteen and Daniel is twenty-five. We're all adults, daddy.""You could join us daddy. We know you want to fuck us daddy dear. We see you looking at us all the time.""You're all my children. It just doesn't seem like a good idea. What would your mother think?""She isn't here daddy. Linda and I want to suck your cock and then we could all have a foursome together. Come on daddy, it would be so much fun.""This is too weird. Daniel, I am completely shocked you would fuck your sisters. I don't know what to think."Daniel moved to a chair and was stroking his cock. My sister and I pulled our father over to the bed. Linda pulled his pants off and we took off his underwear. We pushed him onto the bed. We got on either side of him and did the same thing we did to Daniel. I am on his left side and Linda is on his right side. We licked his cock in an upwards motion. We each caressed and fondled his balls, while we took turns sucking his head."You girls are very naughty. Daddy is so aroused. You're making me all horny girls."My father shoved his cock into my mouth and my sister Linda was sucking his balls. I was slurping and gagging and taking my father's six-inch cock down my mouth. He wasn't as big as our brother, so I could deep throat his cock.  I made all those wet, popping, sucking, slurping sounds as I blew my father.I took daddy's cock out of my mouth and Linda shoved it down her throat. She worked her slutty mouth up and down over his cock. I was sucking on his balls. We were both giving daddy the best blow job of his life. Daniel was stroking his eight-inch cock and getting more turned on for what was going to happen next."Daddy we want you and Daniel to fuck us now. We need to feel your cocks in our slutty cunts."We both got on our hands and knees. Daddy slipped his cock into my pussy and Daniel slipped his cock into Linda's pussy. Both men were grabbing our hips and fucking us hard. My sister and I were moaning and groaning. Daddy seemed to be getting into it now and was really fucking me hard and fast. Daniel was fucking Linda hard.We were all having sex together. I got on my hands and knees, my father lubed my ass with KY jelly that I had on the floor. He slathered it all around my ass and his cock. My brother was on his back and slid his cock into my pussy and Linda was riding my brother's face.My father put his cock into my tight ass slowly. Daniel was fucking my wet cunt. Linda was grinding her pussy over Daniel's face. Daniel was licking Linda's swollen pearl and tongue fucking her wet bald pussy. Linda moaned and groaned.My father was fucking me full length in my tight ass. He was squeezing my buttocks together while, Daniel fucked my wet cunt. Daniel and my father felt their cocks in my respective holes. Everybody continued to moan and groan.Linda was grinding her cunt fast over Daniel's mouth and let out a scream and filled Daniel's mouth with a pile of her cream.Now it was time to switch. Linda got on her hands and knees. My father laid on his back and slid his cock into my sister's bald cunt. Daniel put the KY Jelly on Linda's ass and all around his cock. He slid his cock slowly into my sister's ass. I was now riding my father's face. Daddy was licking my clit and tongue fucking my wet cunt. I was moaning and groaning.Daniel was holding Linda's hips as he fucked her ass. Linda was moaning and groaning. Daddy was fucking Linda's pussy. Both men could feel each other's cock in Linda's respective holes. We were all moaning and groaning.I was grinding my cunt over daddy's face and I released all my cunt juices on daddy's tongue. Daddy licked my pussy like a crazed animal. Both men pulled out their cocks out of Linda's body and my sister and I got on our knees.My father shot his cum into my mouth. My brother shot his cum into Linda's mouth. My sister and I spat a little cum into each other's mouth, so we could get a taste their cum and swallow it all down. I think they call that a snowball."That was some evening. You girls are very naughty, and we can never let your mother ever know about tonight. She would be devastated to know we have all had sex together."My brother and father left the room to take showers and my sister and I just giggled and laughed. The evening went down exactly how we wanted it to go. We both had sex with our father and brother and it was naughty, hot, and wicked. But, now we have done it and we don't need to do it again. We're little sluts that like to fuck. And we are good at it too.  

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Very Deep Anal In Sister's Ass

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